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Options is a healing arts newsletter. We take submissions from prisoners and free-worlders, and distribute freely. We include professional journalism and well-researched opinions as well as art, poetry, and dreams. We aim to provide content for a wide range of audiences, and hope to engage as many in the conversation as possible.

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We are building a network of activists and organizers who can help with advocacy campaigns and community outreach for the Right to Heal Initiaitve. When ballot measures come up or community input is needed, we will have the grassroots network necessary to influence the decision-making process.

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Right to Heal Initiative

The Chain gang apothecary intends to place a public initiative proposal on the 2018 California voter ballot. If passed, the right to heal initiative would establish the Office of Prison Wellness, which would operate an ongoing, state-wide prison wellness effort.

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Options: A Healing Arts Newsletter

We are calling for submissions of original artwork, news, histories, strategies, comics, dreams, thoughts, and proposals.

Options is a newsletter built for both prisoners and free-worlders, and our mission is to improve health and quality of life for inmates through the Right to Heal Initiative.

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